Dependable Kohler gas engines deliver sure starts in any climate conditions, including high altitudes.

Quiet Muffler

New quiet muffler helps reduce radiated noise from the vehicle, making for a more enjoyable ride for passengers and drivers alike and especially for hunters, who count on the element of surprise.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

All-Terrain BodyBoth Argo’s lower and upper body are manufactured using a high density polyethylene material that’s engineered to keep water hazards out and environmen-tal hazards in. The smooth, durable underbody floats over potential snags, stumps whether you’re forging through the mud, skimming over snow or scrambling over hard rock.


Argo’s parent company, Ontario Drive & Gear Limited, is a world leader in precision gearing and high perfor-mance transmissions. At the heart of every Argo is a fully mechanical drivetrain based on ODG technology to ensure the best reliability, maintainability and smooth, efficient transfer of power to the ground. All Avenger models feature the ‘Admiral’ transmission. Select Avenger models are available in High Torque (HT), or Standard (STD) options to suit your individual off-road riding style.

ARGO Avenger Models

Get The Full ARGO Avenger Experience

Argo’s Avenger Series is today’s gold standard for rugged mobility on the most challenging terrain. High powered, sure-footed and easy going, it’s no wonder the Avenger Series models are the most popular vehicles in Argo’s XTV lineup. Featuring a 30 hp liquid-cooled electronic fuel-injected Kohler engine providing plenty of power for making it through sand, snow, swamps or whatever you can throw at it, the Avenger Series models will take you anywhere you want to go.

Boasting the same ride specific customization options as the Frontier series with multiple colour, transmission, accessory and seating packages, Argo’s Avenger Series models give customers complete flexibility to build out an extreme terrain machine that’s ready to take them anywhere.