ARGO Explorer XRT Specifications

STD – Factory Standard | OPT-DLR – Dealer Installed | N/A Not Available

Auto Chain Lubrication

Simplifies routine maintenance to ensure smooth, dependable operation for frequent users. Standard on all XT models.

All-Season Engines

Dependable Kohler gas and diesel engines deliver sure starts for your ARGO in any climate conditions, including high altitudes.

Admiral Transmission

Our multi-purpose Admiral Easy Steer™ transmission provides the ideal combination of smoother steer and all-wheel constant traction.

ARGO Explorer Models

Powerful, Reliable – Tough as Nails.

These inherent traits are in the DNA of every vehicle carrying the Argo nameplate. Vehicles built with pride by craftsmen who respect Argo’s long-running tradition of grabbing life by the handlebars. Whether you’re exploring trails, hunting the backwoods or putting in a hard day’s work, every Argo lives up to its legendary off-road performance and GO ANYWHERE, DO ANYTHING reputation.

It is time to introduce a new Argo like you’ve never seen before…the 2018 family of Xplorer ATV’s.