Peak Xceleration Has Compassion

In 1952, Compassion Canada was founded to transform the lives of impoverished people around the world. In order to change the lives of those in need, it is crucial that we extend our hearts and hands to be their help. According to the Compassion website“To truly release children from poverty, we must care for them physically and materially as well as spiritually, sharing the transforming message that addresses the root of poverty and offers reconciliation with our Creator.” It is because of this mission and seeing their mission at work that Kevin Campbell knew his company needed to be a part of the efforts at Compassion Canada.

Although it’s far from what the world can do as a whole, we do a little bit of giving back every time you purchase a car from our dealership. “Every time you buy a vehicle from us we sponsor a child in Haiti in your name for a month. These children get an education, basic nutrition, and a shot at a better life, a shot that we often take for granted as a basic right here at home.” It’s just another great reason to visit one of our locations.

If you want to learn more about Compassion Canada, or why Kevin Campbell began this journey with them, please watch the video above. It’s a beautiful montage of Campbell’s history and the work done by Compassion Canada that should be seen around the world.