Dos & Don’ts of Sledding

Winter is a playground for those who love snowmobiles and sleds of all types. They can provide hours, even days, of fun and adventure, but only when done safely and properly. We have come up with 10 dos and don’ts to make your winter expeditions less dangerous and a lot more fun!

Sledding Don’ts:

DON’T Ride Without Necessities

While you may be planning a day trip, one never knows when a sled might break down or get stuck for hours, even through the night. Always make sure you pack food, water and any other necessities you might need to stay warm and safe until help arrives.

DON’T Let Children Operate

It is illegal for children under 16 years to operate a winter vehicle or for children under 6 years to be a passenger. It is all for their safety and your peace of mind.

DON’T Let Group Out of Your Sight

If traveling in a pack, make sure you know where everyone is at all times. Straying off alone could leave you lost without help. On the other hand, not knowing where others are could cause an unnecessary accident.

DON’T Take Risks

Winter snowmobiles and sleds are supposed to be fun and thrilling, but if you take a risk it could be a risk with your life or someone else’s. The risks are not worth the consequence.


Sledding Dos:

DO Plan Your Route

Before you get on your winter vehicle, know your path and the weather you may incur. You will have the best and easiest time when the weather is good, there’s snow on the ground and your path is well marked. Timing is also important. Keep in mind how long you will be gone and what obstacles may come your way.

DO Get Your Permit

Each province has their own rules when it comes to permits and licenses. Check out what you need to make sure your adventures are fun and legal!

DO Inspect Before Leaving

Do a once over (maybe even a twice over!) before turning on your winter vehicle and heading out. It’s important that everything is in working order and you aren’t going to run out of gas in the snow!

DO Wear Appropriate Gear

Make sure you bundle up and stay warm while sledding. Goggles and other face protection is important too, as you never know what kind of debris might fly into the air as you sail past. Again, remember to pack extra blankets and clothes in case of emergency.

DO Drive Safely

Just as you would on the roads, use precaution and drive safely. Be aware of others around you and make sure you know the hand signals. By driving safely you are protecting yourself and other winter adventurers.


DO Visit Peak Xceleration

Lastly, stop into our Baig Boulevard location for all your winter sledding needs! We can answer all your questions and make sure you leave with this winter’s best toys!