It’s Hunting Season!

With hunting season well underway, Campbell’s Auto and Powersports wants to make sure you’re fully equipped to come home with only the best prize! Leave the preparation to us. We have a wide selection of parts, accessories and Argo vehicles to make your hunting season the best one yet!

If you’re looking for gun boots, tires or other accessories – stop into our Baig Blvd location! We have stock of only the best for hunting. Although, our best accessory for this season is our collection of Argo vehicles. They are what will set you apart from all the other hunters out there.

We offer four types of Argo vehicles at Campbell’s – the Xplorer, the Frontier, the Conquest, and the Avenger.



This is the standard ATV offered at Campbell’s Auto and Powersports. With premium tires, steel racks, a front differential lock and more – it’s a great way to power through the woods in search of a great target.



This model comes in a 6 and 8 wheel model and can be customized in color, transmission type, accessories, and seating. The Frontier is made to keep water out and is durable enough to withstand rock, snow and other outdoor elements.



This is a great model for hunters as its load capacity is 1,275lbs and it has a towing capacity of 2,000lbs. No matter what game you bring home, the Conquest will get you there! It also has low emission rates which help to respect the environment it’s running in. Add on its quiet muffler and you’ve got the perfect hunting partner.



The Avenger will get you through the toughest terrain. Its electronic fuel-injected Kohler engine provides enough power to get through sand, snow, swamps and more. Similar to the Conquest, the Avenger is fully customizable to make sure you get exactly what you need. With 8 rugged wheels, this robust machine is ready for any hunting adventure.


From the simplest of accessories to the biggest of Argo’s vehicles, Campbell’s Auto and Powersports aims to please. Before you head out into the woods for a season of hunting, make sure to stop by our location and improve your game!