New for Argo 2019

With the dawn of a new year, comes a whole new lineup of Argo vehicles! Some have been updated and improved, while others are brand new designs, but all come with the promise of adventure. The following vehicles are only a preview of what Argo has to offer this year, but we’ve got a lot more in stock!


Aurora XTV

With great pulling power and a capacity of 3,500 pounds, the 2019 Aurora XTV is a great addition to the Argo lineup. This model comes with a new body and seating, which adds increased comfort for up to four passengers! The new tires provide a smoother ride with less noise and improved traction – resulting in an even better adventure!

When it comes to the controls and gears, the 2019 Aurora XTV has the best. With a new starting gear and left-hand handlebar controls, you can not only start in gear but also control the headlights and stop switch.


Conquest 800 Outfitter  XTV

Argo has released the 2019 Conquest 800 Outfitter XTV as the ultimate vehicle for any climate. Even in high altitudes, the new and improved 30HP Twin EFI liquid cooled engine delivers a sure start. Combined with an admiral high torque transmission, the 2019 Conquest 800 Outfitter is Argo’s dream for hunters everywhere.


Avenger Bigfoot MX6 & MX8

Argo has outdone themselves with the release of the Avenger Bigfoot. Its 25-inch mud tires are adorned with aluminum bead rock rims for maximum power and control, making the Bigfoot the ultimate mudding vehicle. However, this vehicle is not fully amphibious and tracks cannot be installed, but it is a land monster. If the power isn’t enough, know that the Argo Bigfoot has a premium Jensen stereo inside so that music can be blasting during every ride!

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