Car Loans for Bad Credit or Credit Issues

Here are the benefits we offer you:

  • We can help you build your credit with an auto loan. Imagine a future of new possibilities.
  • We can help you build your credit with an auto loan. Imagine a future of new possibilities.
  • Foreclosure? Repossessions? No credit? We have helped hundreds!!!
  • Divorced? They’re gone and you’re stuck with the bills? We still have a loan for you!!!
  • With 10 finance companies available, you will get the best terms and rates possible.
  • Guaranteed approvals available if you have a job and a down payment.
No Credit? Bad Credit? Slow Pay? Bankruptcy? We can help! Apply here.

Real Answers and Straight Talk About Car Loans

At Peak Xceleration, we want you to be informed with all the facts so you can make a great decision. Our goal is to get you approved at the best possible rate and terms. Then you can choose a great vehicle at a great price. We want to get you on the road to a better credit score so that in years to come you will be a happy repeat customer!

Unfortunately there may be some businesses out there that would like to take advantage of your current circumstances with no thought other than making a quick buck. You know the old saying: “When an offer seems too good to be true—it usually is!” All too often this is the case when buying a car.


Here are some real answers and straight talk that you need to know:

1. Don’t be forced to buy a car you do not want and probably shouldn’t buy.

Many places treat a customer with sub-prime credit with sub-par respect. They only give you one option for a vehicle and it is the choice that is best for the dealership rather than the customer. This allows the dealership to move old or overpriced inventory. You may even end up with a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs. This shouldn’t be the case. At Peak Xceleration you will be pre-approved and then can select from over 150 vehicles, the same as any valued customer.

2. Often the loan company asking for your information is not a “loan company” at all!

They are often just lead generator website and call centres. They are not financial institutions. When you apply, they take your information and then sell the sales lead to dealerships. Then an unknown dealership that you did not choose will call you. Are you comfortable with that? In contrast, at Peak Xceleration we have nothing to hide and we are proud of it! We are a New Brunswick company, locally owned and operated. For 29 years we have been helping our long-term customers. We are directly connected with a fantastic array of reputable lenders to get you a great approval.

3. Can you really help in my situation?

There are very few situations that we can’t help in! We get real loans for people with slow payments, maxed credit, those in bankruptcy, consumer counseling, problems from divorce, collections, repossessions, those without any established credit, and so much more. We can help the self-employed, seasonal workers, those on fixed income and more. We even have a virtually guaranteed approval program for anyone who is employed and has a down payment.

4. Many “loans” are not loans at all!

Don’t be fooled by “Buy Here, Pay Here” agreements. These are not loans. Most are simply private lease agreements, sometimes on questionable cars, and require a down payment of $1000-$2000. These do not build your credit. They do not report to your credit file, even if you pay perfectly. But they will report if you don’t and ruin your credit. Often your delinquency is expected. You lose your down payment, lose the car, the same car is then leased to the next customer, and you are stuck with a big collection bill on your credit report.

5. Does applying at more than one dealership increase your chances of getting a loan?

Actually, it decreases your credit score. Too many enquiries reduces your score, can give conflicting information to lenders, and can actually make it more difficult to get you a great approval. While some dealerships only have a few lenders, at Peak Xceleration we deal with every major lender so the approval you get is the best one possible.

6. If done right, an auto loan can be the best way to build your credit and open up possibilities for the future.

We take the time to understand your credit situation. We will explain what you need to do to move forward with your credit. If your auto loan payments and other obligations are made on time you may qualify for futures vehicles at much lower rates. We have seen many great people rebuild with an auto loan and then get approved later for bank loans or even for a mortgage! It is so exciting to see and be a part of.

7. What do I need to get started?

The first step is to apply by phone or online. The application takes only a few minutes. We often have a pre-approval back to you within hours. All our staff are experts in both sales and financing, so you will be in good hands from start to finish. Are you ready to start?

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Bad Credit? Poor Credit? Here are Helpful Tips to Build Your Credit Score

We can get approvals in so many different situations even when things are far from perfect. But here’s a few things you can work toward to improve your credit score:

Stability is a good thing. Being at the same job and residence for a year or more helps your score. Always changing jobs, residence, or even relationships can have an impact.

Vehicle down payments are usually not required but it’s always a positive thing. A lender may give a little lower rate for someone committing to the loan, it will give you lower payments, and you will be in a position sooner to trade up if you desire.

A credit card can help you or hurt you. It helps your score if all payments are on time and the balance is well under the maximum (50% or less is great!). It hurts if payments are late, the card is maxed, or if it goes to collections. If you are not getting a vehicle right away and you don’t have a credit card, why not build your score up by getting a credit card from your bank or Capital One? This is a great way to get started if you have no credit or have been without of credit for a while! Paying off your credit card every month accelerates your credit score, and you avoid paying interest!

Never let things get behind. If you can show a history of always being on time for payments then your score will rapidly improve. Be sure that utility and cell phone bills in your name never get sent to collections.

Nothing builds credit better than an auto loan. Even if you have struggled with the items above, we can help. APPLY ONLINE