What You Need to Know About Your Tires

We’ve talked about winter tires, told you that Peak Xceleration sells tires and that tires are very important when it comes to your vehicle, but we have yet to explain why. Why are tires so important? Why do you need to know specific information about your tires? Why do you need multiple types of tires? …and so much more! While we can’t tell you everything in one post, we can give you a few tips to lengthen the life of your tires and make your drive a bit safer.


Read Your Manual

So many drivers purchase a new vehicle and stash the manual somewhere inside for emergencies. BUT WAIT. Before you toss it aside, thinking that if you’ve driven one car, you’ve driven them all, read up on your tires. The manual will have answers for the proper level of tire inflation which will increase safety, performance and fuel economy. Find out where your tread wear indicator (TWI) is located and many other interesting facts about the rubber that keeps you on the road.


Know the Limits

Not all tires are equal, so know the limits of yours. Although many places in the world will only require you to have one type of tire, such as all season, keep in mind that countries with varying weather may require varying tire types. Once the weather drops to 7 degrees, the rubber in all seasons tires begins to harden, this causes them to lose grip and start sliding – which is why winter tires are a great option. Although, you need to pay attention because once the weather finally begins to warm up, the softer rubber that winter tires are made of will wear faster and may need a longer time to stop the car. It is important to know these facts so that you can make sure you have the right type of tire for the climate you drive in.


Keep Them Maintained

Your tires should be checked regularly, by both you and vehicle professionals. It is your responsibility to watch for bulges, patches, and cracks that may cause problems while driving. Having the professionals regularly rotate your tires will prolong their life and provide optimum performance. When it is time to wash your tires, make sure you only use tire cleaners and water to prevent wear and tear.


Like we previously stated, this is only the beginning of what you need to know about tires, but it is definitely a start! If you have questions about this information or want to know more about the tires you drive on, contact us at Peak Xceleration. We would love to chat with you about driving safety and keeping your tires healthy!